Slobodan Colic

Slobodan Colic’s pictorial universe is clear and recognizable. His self-taught artistic vision reflects an eternal quest for his own expression, by itself and its own representation of the outside world.
His works are characterized by an intense presence - they are contradictory and may vary from the quiet and designed - the almost hush - to the immediate and vibrant, where the common features are a strong emotional effort, constantly felt as a necessary basis for their being.

The interaction between colors, shapes and a surprising use of materials, acts as an important inspiration for him. He is a colourist. As a colourist he lets the motives sprout out by colors - always with a reliable core of the material and observation. His works are poetic and like fairytales. Several of them appear through a mosaic of personal memories and stories. They depict adventurous stories - usually with a hint of a dream-like, cheerful or optimistic universe, but there are also more serious thoughts.

His paintings are created by stories in which a scene indicates an act or a course. Like many other Danish and international contemporary artists he is occupied with the figurative paintings opportunities to tell stories. There is a common reference in the new figurative painting, which must be regarded as a significant trend in contemporary art, where the story is continuous.

Slobodan grew up in Serbia and many of his pictures show happy memories from his childhood and youth in the cities Bela Crkva and Belgrade. The paintings are full of dramatic incidents and clashes of color, a beautiful interaction and eruption of energy. His painting style and the simple relationship between materials and colors gives an impression of immediacy and imagination. It is in fact in his remembrance universe, the most inspiring works in his productive work are to be found. Here his artistic maturity shows and his way to smooth out conflicts between the abstract and figurative art, or just in his attempt to link the non-binding.

Louise Markussen
Cand. mag.